How We Help

How We Help Kids and the Community…

Recreation Improves Quality of Life! Participating in positive leisure activities helps kids:

  • Improve physical & emotional health
  • Develop skills & learn to interact with others
  • Increase self-esteem & do better in school
  • Learn to be a team player or a leader
  • Acquire pro-social values
  • Learn to set goals & achieve them
  • Learn decision making & problem solving skills
  • Learn self-respect and respect for others
  • Develop friendships & HAVE FUN!

Triple P.L.A.Y. helps promote non-violent behaviour in children. According to Bruce D. Perry MD, PhD, there are Six Core Strengths that we can instill in children to build a child’s emotional development, and help prevent violent outcomes. The Six Core Strengths are:

  1. Attachment: Being a Friend
  2. Self-Regulation: Thinking Before You Act
  3. Affiliation: Joining In
  4. Awareness: Thinking of Others
  5. Tolerance: Accepting Differences
  6. Respect: Respecting Yourself and Others

All of these strengths can be formed or built on by participating in positive leisure activities, and being part of a team working towards a common goal. (For more information on Dr. Bruce Perry, please go to

Studies show that participation in positive leisure activities will increase public health, reduce youth crime rates & decrease the need for social service & police intervention.

  • I would do almost anything for my daughter! Looking back, I can tell you she probably wouldn’t be in Karate if it weren’t for Triple P.L.A.Y. – Grateful Parent
  • Sure there are the physical benefits to participating in sports and we hear a lot about how our children need more exercise. But it’s the inner changes that impress me most -the growth in self-esteem and self-confidence. She’s stronger on the outside and on the inside.-Triple P.L.A.Y. Dad
  • “What a tremendous platform to bring not only physical activity to all youth of Kenora but also and more importanlty, the opportunity to grow into leadership roles through sport…It is these small accomplishments in life that go toward preparing kids for the future ahead.” – Triple P.L.A.Y. Donor
  • To reproduce a human being who has some imagination, some creativity, some dedication, some courage, you have to build these things when children are young. We as a society must take some of the profits we generate and give them to children when they are young.-Chief of Police, Dale Henry
  • We see it all the time. We get these at risk kids that come in to us and they get involved in some activity, and we don’tever see them again. These are the kids who now have something to lose. Where before they might have gotten into trouble with their friends, now they say “you know what guys, I have a hockey game in the morning. I’m outta here.”- Jack Martin, Creighton Youth Services
  • There is not one condition in mental health in children that is not helped by exercise.- Dr. Sherry Reed-Walkiweicz

Triple P.L.A.Y. has been serving families & their children in the city of Kenora & surrounding First Nation’s communities since 1998. This local program continues to grow & improve the quality of life of our youth, the future leaders of your community.

We not only support children, we support the activities in this community!

In 2010 we provided 680 children with registration fees or event passes for 36 local activity groups. We helped 266 children with equipment and 10 children with one time events. We spent $ 54, 600 from May 2010 to May 2011