What We Believe

  • Triple P.L.A.Y. is a local program fund that has been developed to make sports, recreation, arts & cultural activities accessible to all kids in the city of Kenora.
  • Triple P.L.A.Y. removes barriers to participation! The costs for registration & equipment is far beyond the reach for many of our local families, and so the program provides financial support, family support, transportation & has an equipment lending program for kids.
  • Triple P.L.A.Y. allows all kids to have enjoyable learning experiences, which helps them to develop mature & healthy lifestyles, emotionally, physically and socially.
  • Triple P.L.A.Y. believes that every child is a gift. Every child deserves a safe and supportive environment with opportunities for a better future. Triple P.L.A.Y. has played an intrinsic role in community development and with our commitment to helping break down barriers; even more children in our community have been able to experience positive recreation and leisure activities.

Our Kids Our City Our Responsibility

Jack Martin:

“Over the years in my line of work in the Human Services Field, I have heard many stories related to community living and mankind. The story I share with you was shares with me by Cruz Acevedo in Grassy Narrows First Nation in the early 1990’s. To me it captures the Spirit of Community:

There was a young man who was quite troubled and despondent with his life. He lay awake for many nights anguished about himself and his future.  In his distressed state a spirit came to him and asked him if he would like to accompany him on a short Journey in an attempt to find some understanding. The young man, feeling quite desperate agreed and followed the Spirit into the Spirit world.

When they arrived there, the young man noticed a big teepee. Upon entering it he saw a large number of starving people sitting in a circle around a large cauldron of rich broth soup. This people were very thin and in obvious pain and discomfort. In their right hand were these very long spoons. The length of the spoon made it difficult for the people to bring the soup to their lips and, as a result, they came to sit alone and wallow in their pain, hunger and misery.

As they exited, the spirit said to the young man, this is what you know as hell.

After exiting, the young man followed the spirit to a teepee next door. He noticed another group of people also sitting in a circle around a similar steaming cauldron of soup. The people the young man encountered here, however, were a very joyous, happy group. They were clearly well fed, laughing and generally thriving in contrast to their neighbours. As he watched them, he observed that they made no attempt to feed themselves, but instead had learned to feed those around them. In so doing, they themselves were fed.

The spirit told him as they exited, this is what you know to be heaven.”