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  • Triple P.L.A.Y. Coordinator:
    Debbie Novak
    Phone: (807) 466-2785
    Fax: (807) 467-2132
    Mail: P.O. Box 2913 Kenora, ON P9N 4C8
  • Triple P.L.A.Y. Executive:
    Barb Jackson
    Director of Child Care and Community Services
    Lake of the Woods Child Development Centre
    Phone: (807) 467-5474
    Fax: (807) 467-5553
  • Triple P.L.A.Y. Executive:
    Sheelagh Reid
    Assistant Director Children’s Services
    Kenora Association for Community Living
    Phone: (807) 467-5204
    Fax: (807) 467-5247
  • Triple P.L.A.Y. Executive:
    Suzanne Penner
    Creighton Youth Services
    Phone: (807)548-2835

If you have any complaints, please download the Triple P.L.A.Y. Complaint Procedures