Donating to Triple P.L.A.Y.

For every donation over $10 you will receive a charitable tax receipt.
There are many different ways to donate money to Triple P.L.A.Y. These are just a few suggestions:

  • The Richardson Challenge
    Triple P.L.A.Y. has been given an amazing opportunity from Jim and Leney Richardson that we fondly call “The Richardson Challenge.” We have been challenged to get local donors to make a 3-year commitment to Triple P.L.A.Y. For every new donor Jim and Leney will match their donation dollar for dollar, with a goal of $10,000 every year! This is Triple P.L.A.Y.’s opportunity to ensure sustainability in our community, so please give generously! You can download your Richardson Challenge donation forms here:
  • Dollar Per Pay
    How much is $1 from every pay cheque worth to you? Would you notice if you were missing just $1 every two weeks? -what is it worth to a child? This is Triple P.L.A.Y.’s first donation method! A Dollar Per Pay is a donation option for businesses in our community where the willing employees donate $1 from every pay cheque to Triple P.L.A.Y. That’s about $24 per year that goes a long way to benefiting the children in our community, and to helping our community thrive. You can download your $1/Pay Package here:
  • Dress Down Fridays
    This is a great opportunity for businesses to relax and help out Triple P.L.A.Y. on Fridays. If everyone gave a dollar for the luxury of dressing down for one day a week, employees would be happier and so would the children in our community.
  • Charitable B.B.Q.
    What better way to tell your customers you appreciate them than to have a B.B.Q. A little lunch goes a long way, and the donations made go a long way with Triple P.L.A.Y.
  • Memorial Donations
    A memorial donation given to Triple P.L.A.Y. will not only benefit the life of a child, but it will honor the life of your friend or loved one in a unique and meaningful way. By designating your memorial donation to the Triple P.L.A.Y. endowment fund, their memory will give to our community forever. Your celebration of their life will be the gift that keeps on giving to our community. A sympathy card will be sent to the family of the deceased. Please provide name of deceased, and the name & address of the family member(s). You can download your Memorial Donation Card here:
  • Make it a Gift
    Do you know someone who is having an Anniversary, and don’t know what to get them? Do you need a good idea for a gift for your teacher this year? Are you trying to shop for a Birthday or Christmas gift for the person who has everything? Do you want to send a special “thinking of you” card that will show the receiver just how much you care?
    Make your donation a gift! By mailing your donation to Triple P.L.A.Y. (P.O.Box 2913 Kenora, Ontario P9N 4C8), in honor of any occasion, you’re helping children in your community, and showing someone you care. A card will be sent to the recipient from Triple P.L.A.Y. indicating your well wishes and your donation in their honour.
  • Bottles for Bucks
    Did you know that when you put glass in the Recylcing Bin, it gets crushed up and put in the LAND FILL! If you have Liquor Bottles, Beer Bottles, or Wine Bottles, call Triple P.L.A.Y. and they’ll arrange for Moncrief Construction to pick up your bottles and bring them to the Beer Store to be re-used. All proceeds go to Triple P.L.A.Y.  Help out your environment and your community!

For every donation over $10 you will receive a charitable tax receipt.