Kids Helping Kids!

It’s never too early to instill the gift of giving in our youth today. Nothing could be better than to see our children helping other children in our city. Not only does it help our community, but it helps the child achieve a sense of validation through giving-which can do wonders for their development! With Triple P.L.A.Y. your child can do his/her part to help our community, and have fun doing it!

Here are just a few ways KIDS CAN HELP KIDS WITH TRIPLE P.L.A.Y.

  • Triple P.L.A.Y. Birthday Party!
    What’s better than a Birthday Party to bring children together for some fun? Having a fun Birthday Party, where everyone gets to share the joy of helping other kids!If you decide to have a Triple P.L.A.Y. Birthday party, instead of getting presents, your friends and family will bring a donation of money. Half the money is kept by the Birthday Boy or Girl, which you can use however you like! And the other half goes to Triple P.L.A.Y., where it will be used to make sure all children in our community can participate in activities! You can purchase Triple P.L.A.Y. Birthday invitations from the Program Coordinator, under Contact Us -all proceeds go to Triple P.L.A.Y.A Charitable Tax Receipt is available for all donations over $10.00.
  • Triple P.L.A.Y. Donation Teacher’s Gift!
    Your teacher has dedicated their lives to making a difference in the lives of children. I’m sure your teacher has made a big difference in your life! What better way to let them know how much they’ve impacted your life than by sending them a donation in their name?! When you make a donation in the name of your teacher, your teacher will be sent a thank you card (or a Christmas Card, or a Birthday Card, etc.) indicating that you have made a donation in their name!A Charitable Tax Receipt is available for all donations over $10.00.
  • Every Penny Counts!

Some students have been saving their pennies and donating them to Triple P.L.A.Y. One local grade 4 class managed to collect over $100.00 in just four short months to donate back to Triple P.L.A.Y.

This is an example of how to engage children at an early age in the idea of philanthropy and helping others.