Where the Money Goes

All money given to Triple P.L.A.Y. stays right in Kenora! All monetary donations (with the exception of the Richardson Challenge) can be designated to go to:

Children’s Programs

When you donate to Children’s Programs, your money will directly benefit the children in Kenora. It will be put towards registration fees, equipment, and transportation costs to ensure all children have an equal opportunity to participate in positive leisure activities. It will also go towards One-Time-Events that are special activities that give children experiences that they may not get otherwise.

Administration Costs

When you designate your donation to administration costs you are helping sustain the viability of Triple P.L.A.Y. and more importantly, the 550 young people in our community who benefit from our program and special initiatives. When you donate to administration, you are giving Triple P.L.A.Y. a future.

Endowment Fund

In the summer of 2006, the Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation created a charitable agency endowment fund for Triple P.L.A.Y. Every gift made to this endowment fund is a permanent one, as only the interest earned on the dollars invested is given back to Triple P.L.A.Y. The money you donate will never leave the endowment fund, and so it is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Donation Ideas

The Richardson Challenge

Triple P.L.A.Y. has been given an amazing opportunity from Jim and Leney Richardson that we fondly call “The Richardson Challenge.” We have been challenged to get local donors to make a 3-year commitment to Triple P.L.A.Y. For every new donor Jim and Leney will match their donation dollar for dollar, with a goal of $3,000 every year! This is Triple P.L.A.Y.’s opportunity to ensure sustainability in our community – Contact us for more details on how you can become a donor! 

Triple P.L.A.Y. Donation Teacher’s Gift!

What better way to let them know how much they’ve impacted your child’s life than by sending a donation in their name! When you make a donation in the name of your child’s teacher, they will be sent a thank you card indicating that you have made a donation in their name! A Charitable Tax Receipt is available for all donations over $10.00. Donate here: 

Dollar Per Pay

A Dollar Per Pay is a donation option for businesses in our community where the willing employees donate $1 from every pay cheque to Triple P.L.A.Y. That’s about $24 per year that goes a long way to benefiting the children in our community, and to helping our community thrive. Contact us for information on our $1/Pay Package!

Triple P.L.A.Y. Birthday Party!

What’s better than a Birthday Party to bring children together for some fun? Having a fun Birthday Party, where everyone gets to share the joy of helping other kids!If you decide to have a Triple P.L.A.Y. Birthday party, instead of getting presents, your friends and family will bring a donation of money. Half the money is kept by the Birthday Boy or Girl, which you can use however you like! And the other half goes to Triple P.L.A.Y., where it will be used to make sure all children in our community can participate in activities! A Charitable Tax Receipt is available for all donations over $10.00.

Memorial Donations

A memorial donation given to Triple P.L.A.Y. will not only benefit the life of a child, but it will honor the life of your friend or loved one in a unique and meaningful way. By designating your memorial donation to the Triple P.L.A.Y. endowment fund, their memory will give to our community forever. Your celebration of their life will be the gift that keeps on giving to our community. Donate through the Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation using the link below – ensure you choose “Triple P.L.A.Y. Charitable Agency Endowment”.

Make it a Gift

Do you know someone who is having an Anniversary, and don’t know what to get them?  Are you trying to shop for a Birthday or Christmas gift for the person who has everything? Do you want to send a special “thinking of you” card that will show the receiver just how much you care?

Make your donation a gift! You will be helping children in your community, and showing someone you care!

Being a single mom, I am extremely appreciative of the support Triple Play has given me to offset the costs of my daughters extra curricular activities. Thank you Triple Play!
Lyne B.